A Page For My Partner!!!

All About Bowie!!!

How We Met!!!

Bowie and I have been together for 5 whole years now!!! The two of us met when we were about 14 or 15, and it had to have been one of the siliest ways anyone has ever met their soulmate... I had requested an icon from a kin help blog and they noticed the character and asked if I was looking for any other kinnies from that source. I said yes, and they sent Bowie my way!!! Neither of us could have seen it coming, but we both fell for each other.

We confessed to each other about a week or two after meeting, and have been together ever since XP!!! Now we live together and I get to gripe at them for being a (healthy) work-a-holic and make them dinner and lunch!!!

It's been five, bliss-filled years with them, and we've both come so far. There isn't one other person in the entire world that understands me as fully as they do. They have been with me through thick and thin, have seen greatness in me others have overlooked. Life isn't complete without them, they are my light. <:)

This page is dedicated my partner who has - through everything - remained dedicated to me.

Their Art

Bowie is an amazing artist and has been online drawing furries for WAAAAY longer than I have!!! Their art deserves way more love and attention than it gets, so please go check em out and support them either by commisioning them or striking up art trades!!! Hell, even just liking or sharing would really make their day!!!

They can do feral a lot better than I can and their comms are always open!!! Right now they have pay-what-you-want commissions open, so please consider supporting them and their art!!!

Twitter!!! -------- Toyhouse!!!

Their Work As An Animal Shelter Worker!!!

Bowie works at an animal shelter and improves the lives of so many pets by helping them find homes!!! They currently work at a no kill shelter, but have worked at a "high kill" animal control facility as well. They are absolutely in love with the work that they do, and it shows in the way that they stay late just to spend extra time with a dog who's particularly stressed out. On their days off, you'll find them dragging me (lh) to go volunteer at a shelter they don't work at. They say it's to "de-stress", and that they want to walk dogs they don't see every day. I get it, but it's silly to think that they get out of work some days and immediately want to go work for free somewhere else XD!!!

Shelter work is so very important to them, so of course it's important to me as well!!! I intend to have an entire page with information and resources for supporting shelters, but for now, here are some things you should know!!!

Spay and Neutering saves lives!!! Backyard breeders are harmful and it should not be supported!!! Often the animals that come from it are not vaccinated and can be inbred or have medical issues you aren't aware of. Buying dogs from stores instead of adopting means that you are supporting puppy mills, places that over breed dogs and throw out any 'defects' or dogs that can't breed any more to animal control and shelters. Adopt from shelters and responsible breeders!!! Don't shop!!! Animal testing means they torture actual animals, usually rodents or beagles, just to see what happens. It is utterly horrifying. Declawing cats traumatizes them and they will be in pain for the rest of their life. Those claws are connected to nerves!!! If you need a declawed cat, adopt one that has made its way to a shelter near you <:)!!!

Message from Bowie themself: balls.

Thanks baby <:) FKBSKNSKJ